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Cool Peel Treatment | 45-60 Minutes

Environ have previously offered two types of skin peel but we have now expanded to 6 different peels to suit all skin types and needs! Our unique system of peeling uses low strength acids to gently peel the skin all while maintaining its integrity. Growth factors are released throught the course of the peel having an antibacterial, effect, lightening and brightening of the skin, evening of texture and smoothing effect on blemish prone skin.

Youth Renew Cool Peel

Youth Renew Cool Peel, Who is it for? Those with a more mature, aged skin wishing to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone.

Blemish Control Cool Peel

Blemish Control Cool Peel, Who is it for? This peel is suitable for those with acne prone skin wishing to improve the overall quality of the skin, help prevent breakouts and improve appearance of scarring.

Moisture Boost Cool Peel

Moisture Boost Cool Peel, Who is this for? This treatment is suitable for clients with a dull, dehydrated, lack lustre skin. By peeling the skin we will trigger the release of growth factors which will stimulate the production of baby collagen, elastin and fibroblasts resulting in a plumped, even and glowing appearance.

Deep Cleansing Cool Peel

Deep Cleansing Cool Peel, Who is it for? This treatment is suited to those with substantial congestion in the skin which results in breakouts and deep rooted blackheads. During the course of the treatment we will be able to extract impurities and assist in sterilising the skin, preventing further breakouts.

Bright Recovery Cool Peel

Bright Recovery Cool Peel, Who is it for? This treatment is suitable for those with extremely dull, lifeless skin. The skin will be hydrated and plumped as a result of this treatment and growth factors will encourage the production of collagen resulting in a glowing, vibrant skin.

Vibrant-C Micro Peel

Vibrant-C Micro Peel, Who is it for? This peel is suited to those with “freckles” to breakdown the pigment and eliminate the appearance of this texture on the skin. Also a fantastic treatment for smokers with dull, lac lustre skin. For pricing and more information please contact us.


For information on prices, please contact us by phone on - 086 030 0375. Thank you!

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