Focus-On Treatments | 30 Minutes

These mini treatments are ideal for clients who do not have time on their side but who wish to receive a results driven treatment with real results!

Focus-On Frown

Focus-on Frown, Who is it for?  This mini treatment will focus solely on the forehead by penetrating the epidermis with sonophoresis and iontophoresis allowing peptides to work on the deepest layers of your skin.

Focus-On Eye

Focus-on Eye,  Who is it for? For those suffering with “crows feet”, fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area. During this treatment we will focus solely on the eye area to deliver the best results possible! Hydrating serum will be probed into the epidermis to result in a plumping effect, evening out fine lines and wrinkles and improving texture all in only 30 minutes!

Focus-On Texture

Focus-on Texture, Who is it for? For those with uneven skin texture or post acne scarring. This treatment focuses on introducing retinols and mild lactic acid into the skin to gently yet effectively improve skin texture while also maintaining the integrity of the skin cells.

Focus-On Even Tone

Focus-on Even tone, Who is it for? Suitable for those suffering with areas pigmentation and uneven skin tone. Our unique mela fade systems are used in conjunction with mild lactic acid to reveal a more radiant and even appearance to the tone of the skin.


For information on prices, please contact us by phone on - 086 030 0375. Thank you!

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